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Enable Two-Factor Authentication for OpenMetal Central

In this article you will learn how to enable email or SMS based two-factor authentication on your OpenMetal Central account.

Access your OpenMetal Central profile

  • Login to your account at OpenMetal Central.

  • From the clouds page click the My Account icon in the top right.

    My Account

  • Select Personal Profile from the drop-down menu.

    Personal Profile

  • Scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication section.

    Two-Factor Authentication

  • Click + Enable Device for the device type you wish to use and enter the information requested (email address or mobile phone #).


    Two-Factor phone


    Two-Factor email

  • You will be prompted to verify the access code sent to your method of choice.

    Verify Code

  • Once verified you will be presented with a list of single-use recovery codes be sure to store these in a secure location in the event you lose access to the registered device.

    Recovery codes

  • On next login you will be presented with the two-factor challenge prompt, enter the code sent to the enabled device. Optionally, check or uncheck to remember the current device.

    Two-Factor Challenge