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Browse the latest guides and tutorials.

Cloud Administrators

Learn how to integrate Open Metal into an existing infrastructure or create a new one.
Cloud Operators Manual - Zero to Production in 40 Hours (PDF)
Key document for all IT teams that are managing their own Private Cloud.
Tutorials for OpenStack administrators.

Cloud Users

Guides and tutorials to help users on getting started with Open Metal and Openstack management.
OpenStack Horizon Quick Start for Project Users
Helps new Project Users to self serve their Infrastructure.
Cloud Operators Manual Extended - Kubernetes on OpenStack
Learn how to use your OpenStack to run your Kubernetes deployments.

General Management

Resources that can show how Open Metal can improve your scalability at reduced costs of public clouds.
IT Leadership Buyer's Guide (PDF)
This guide provides a framework for this new technology that can increase competitiveness and lower costs.
Reduce Costs and Drive Innovation (PDF)
Find out how you can break free from the mega-corps and reclaim your revenue, all while paying less for your cloud infrastructure.