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OpenStack User's Manual

Private Cloud Core - OpenStack User Manual

Welcome to the OpenStack User's Manual! This documentation is intended for users of an OpenStack cloud who do not have administrative access to their cloud. In this series of guides, you will learn the steps needed to create the building blocks needed for your cloud workload. Topics include understanding and creating a network within OpenStack, how to create instances, and how to create backups of data, to name a few. There are two primary ways to work in an OpenStack cloud: Through Horizon or the command line. Because of this, the guides are grouped into two categories.

Table of Contents

Horizon Guides

  1. How to Get Started with OpenStack
  2. Networking in OpenStack
  3. Working with Images
  4. How to Create an Instance
  5. Backups

Command Line Guides

  1. Introduction to OpenStackClient
  2. Create a Network
  3. Manage OpenStack Images
  4. Create an Instance
  5. Managing Backups in OpenStack