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How to Redeploy OpenStack's RabbitMQ Cluster using Kolla Ansible


As a last resort, it is possible to address issues with a cloud's RabbitMQ cluster by redeploying the service using Kolla Ansible. In this guide, we explain how to redeploy a private cloud's RabbitMQ cluster using Kolla Ansible.


Prepare Kolla Ansible

New Clouds

On clouds provisioned after Dec 2022 you will need to open a support ticket to have the configuration saved to your nodes.

This guide explains how to configure your cloud using Kolla Ansible. Any time you work with Kolla Ansible, you must prepare a shell environment. For more, see How to Prepare and Use Kolla Ansible.

All commands are to be executed from the control plane node in which Kolla Ansible has been prepared.

Root Access to OpenStack Control Plane

Root access to your cloud's control plane nodes is required.

How to Redeploy RabbitMQ

For each RabbitMQ cluster member, run:

docker stop rabbitmq
cp -Rv /var/lib/docker/volumes/rabbitmq/_data/mnesia{,.bk$(date +%F)}
rm -rfv /var/lib/docker/volumes/rabbitmq/_data/mnesia/

Then, use Kolla Ansible's deploy function, targeting RabbitMQ:

kolla-ansible -i /etc/fm-deploy/kolla-ansible-inventory deploy --tags rabbitmq