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How to Prepare and Use Ceph Ansible


Should you want to reconfigure your Private Cloud's Ceph cluster, you can do so using Ceph Ansible. In this guide, we explain how to prepare an environment from which Ceph Ansible can be used. Making specific configuration changes to your Ceph cluster is outside the scope of this guide.

Before Proceeding

WARNING! -- Our current deployment system deploys a Private Cloud with a known working state. Should you deviate from this state by adjusting your cloud's Ceph configuration you can no longer safely use the functions in OpenMetal Central to add nodes to your cloud or add IP blocks. Should you use these functions, any custom configurations to Ceph will be reverted. We are working on rolling out a new deployment system allowing custom cloud configurations. We can still add new nodes and IP blocks to your cloud but must do so manually. Please reach out to your Account Manager should this apply to you.


Root Access to OpenStack Control Plane

Root access to your cloud's control plane nodes is required.

Path to the Ceph Configuration Files

New Clouds

On clouds provisioned after Dec 2022 you will need to open a support ticket to have the configuration saved to your nodes.

  • Ceph Ansible Inventory
    • /etc/fm-deploy/ceph-inventory.yml
  • Ceph Ansible Config
    • /opt/ceph-ansible/group_vars/all.yml


To prepare Ceph Ansible:

docker cp fm-deploy:/opt/ceph-ansible /opt/ceph-ansible
chmod 700 /opt/ceph-ansible
cd /opt/ceph-ansible
virtualenv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install six

Deploy a Ceph Cluster:

ansible-playbook \
-i /etc/fm-deploy/ceph-inventory.yml \
--private-key /root/.ssh/fm-deploy \

Attempt to repair a broken Ceph cluster:

ansible-playbook \
-i /etc/fm-deploy/ceph-inventory.yml \
--private-key /root/.ssh/fm-deploy \