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Kubernetes - Failed to detach Persistent Volume

This is an entry in our Engineering Notes. We record troubleshooting steps and advice from our experience using similar tools to your teams.

Problem: Failed to detach

Our team recently ran into an issue in our Kubernetes cluster where volumeattachment's failed to detach and caused a flood of errors in our logging systems. The errors were thrown repeatedly in the logs of the csi-attacher container. The csi-attacher is a sidecar container that is responsible for attaching and detaching volumes to and from nodes. In our case, the csi-attacher was part of the csi-cinder-controllerplugin pod in the kube-system namespace.

The side effect of this error was a dramatic increase in resource utilization on the node.

request.go:530 Throttling request took 1.385373635s, request: PATCH:
csi_handler.go:439 Saved detach error to "csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3
csi_handler.go:99 Error processing csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3": failed to detach: persistentvolume "pvc-5a4edc0a-20bf-418d-92a9-32dbfc952082" not found
controller.go:175 Started VA processing csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3
csi_handler.go:89 CSIHandler: processing VA csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3
csi_handler.go:140 Starting detach operation for "csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3"
csi_handler.go:147 Detaching csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3
csi_handler.go:428 Saving detach error to csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3

Solution: Force delete VolumeAttachments

The problem was that we had volume attachments that were defined in Kubernetes but not in OpenStack. This caused an issue with the csi-attacher because it was trying to detach the volume from the node but it was not able to find the volume in OpenStack.

To fix this issue, we had to delete the volume attachments from Kubernetes. However, we were not able to delete the volume attachments because it still attempted to remove the volume from OpenStack. To get around this, we had to edit the volumeattachment and remove the finalizers. This allowed the CSI driver to delete the volume attachment from Kubernetes automatically.

List all VolumeAttachments and PersistentVolumes

kubectl get pv
kubectl get volumeattachment

Edit VolumeAttachment with the issue

Verify that the volume attachment doesn't have a volume associated with it.

kubectl edit volumeattachment csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3

Remove the finalizers and save the file

- external-attacher/.....

Delete the VolumeAttachment

If the volume attachment has not been automatically deleted, you should be able to delete it now

kubectl delete volumeattachment csi-5321e82004036bca2c98cd2254de8568283a1e72a36cc21b1df53d2667de54e3